Tycho Viets

Tycho - Voorlopig


My name is Tycho Viets and I am the Commissioner of Data & Marketing for the EFR Master Career Week committee. For the Marketing part of my function, it is my job  to spread our brand, EFR Master Career Week, onto the market as effectively as possible. Mainly by putting up the brand's face and making the EFR Master Career Week notable for all Master students, my aim is to achieve a list of registrations with the best possible candidates. The data part of my function implies that I analyse and process all data and information concerning the EFR Master Career Week, and by doing so, support my fellow committee members. In addition, I am also responsible for all IT related matters. I look forward to get the best out of the combination of these functions in the upcoming months, and to organise an amazing EFR Master Career Week with my fellow committee members.

If you have any questions regarding Marketing, Data or IT, don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail. I hope to see you soon at one of our bootcamps!


E-mail: datamarketing@mastercareerweek.nl

phone number: +31640815050

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