Master Career Week

Finance Bootcamp

Date/Time: 21 November 8:00 - 22 November 16:00

Overnight stay: Yes

Dresscode: Business Formal

Open to both Dutch and International students

CV and motivation selection applies

Penalty Policy applies

During the finance bootcamp we will visit three specialised financial firms in different areas of the financial market. Firms are always looking for the next step but are sometimes missing the knowledge or financial funds to be able to advance their business. Analysing companies to determine their valuation and helping them take this next step towards expanding their business is what these financial firms aim to do. These firms are looking for hard-working, critically-thinking students to add to their teams and create additional value for their clients.

Working in small teams, professionals working at these financial firms dive deep into the financial statements of businesses they invest in and make big-time decisions on a daily basis. By assisting them with specialised financial advice these firms help their clients aim for the top. With the help of cases and workshops in different financial areas you will understand why these firms are indispensable for the financial market. Located entirely in Amsterdam, this bootcamp will take you to the centre of the different financial markets.

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