Master Career Week

Port Bootcamp

Date/Time: 26 November 9:00 - 27 November 17:00

Overnight stay: No

Dresscode: Business Formal

Open to both Dutch and International students

CV and motivation selection applies

Penalty Policy applies

During the Port bootcamp we will visit multiple companies operating in the harbour of Rotterdam. With a total added value of approximately €45 billion, the Rotterdam port area is not only the major driver of the economy of Rotterdam, but also a major contributor the whole country’s economy. If you are a student interested in working for a company operating in this industry, then this bootcamp is made for you.

Businesses in the port industry are going through a fast-paced shift from man-powered systems to fully automated systems. Because of this, the harbour of Rotterdam is rapidly changing and with the help of workshops and cases we will dive deeper into how this shift came to be and the underlying consequences for the different companies. Whether you are a company that was started to help with this shift, consulting other companies to help in this shift or preparing your family business for the next step in this shift, all these companies have their own view on how this shift will affect them in the immediate future. And surely a boat trip through the harbour won’t be missing in this bootcamp.

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