Data Science Bootcamp

During the data science bootcamp, we will be meeting four cutting edge firms in the data science industry. These companies are looking for motivated master students who can analyse big data and turn these analyses into meaningful insights. As more and more businesses invest heavily in this branch of their organisation, data scientists become ever more important human resources. These companies are looking for you to help them create value for them and their customers and help take these organisations to the next level.

The companies will enlighten you with workshops and challenge you with cases that use big data to come to insightful revelations for their businesses. The skills learned in these cases can be used for consulting, marketing and programming purposes and will help you in the future to decide the path you are going to take.  

The application deadline for this bootcamp has expired

The companies participating in this bootcamp are:



  • General information

    01-12-20 09:00 - 02-12-20 21:00

    2 days

    Participation is free

  • Program (Updated 26/11/20)

    Tuesday 1 December

    8:30am - 12pm: Rijkswaterstaat (online)

    12pm - 12:20pm: Stress & Relaxation session (online)

    5pm - 6pm: Nederlandse Loterij (online)

    6pm: Online cocktail workshop with Nederlandse Loterij & Rijkswaterstaat


    Wednesday 2 December

    10am - 1pm: Nielsen (online)

    1pm - 1:15pm: Energy session (online)

    3pm - 6pm: ITDS (online)

    6pm: Online wine tasting with Nielsen & ITDS

  • Requirements

    Master only

    Dresscode: Business formal

    Penalty policy applies

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