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ITDS is a consultancy for financial service providers and we’ve served renowned Dutch  insurers, banks and pension funds since 1998. We combine the experience we’ve accumulated with our in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation and digital marketing. Because that’s where you’ll find the cutting-edge solutions that will make all the difference.

If ever there was an exciting time to work in financial services, that time is now. Change is the norm and tension the lowest common denominator. It’s a given that everything is about to be shaken up. That’s what makes the future so irresistible. We believe in the power and value of financial service providers. And we see a surfeit of opportunities for them too. It’s why we like to act as the link between our clients and their potential.

We dare to look beyond

Insurance policies, banking products and pensions are a necessary good; we cannot do without them, neither today nor tomorrow. But the industry is facing substantial challenges: it needs to become more digital, more social and more customer centric. But where to start? And how should you continue? Our 175 employees are ready and waiting to think, work and do business. Together we can keep the financial sector strong.

We’re looking for people who do things differently

At ITDS you'll be working on projects that will really help major brands in the financial services sector. Projects that have never been carried out before - or not the way that we carry them out anyway. We are right on top of the latest developments and technology, which we deploy to make our solutions even smarter and faster. So take as much space as you need, because your ideas will take ITDS even further.



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