Below you can find some of the companies that have participated in the Master Career Week over the years, click on one of the logos to find out more about a specific company and visit their website!

EY-Parthenon is one of the largest global strategy consulting organizations, with 7,000+ professionals. We help CEOs and business leaders design and deliver transformative strategies across the entire enterprise, to help build long-term value to all stakeholders.

EY-Parthenon teams are focused on results. They bring experience and scale to each client, helping them to realize their strategies and build long-term value.

Organizations that anchor their strategies to a meaningful purpose, with a focus on creating long-term, sustainable impact across a variety of stakeholders, are best positioned to benefit from, demonstrate and measure the value they create.

EY-Parthenon professionals help organizations consider a broader set of stakeholders when defining their purpose, setting their strategy, transforming their business, and measuring and reporting the value they create.


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