Ahold Delhaize

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For over 130 years, Albert Heijn has been defining doing groceries in the Netherlands. We fill
the plates of 5 million of our customers each day and are literally around the corner with
more than 1.000 shops. We are there always and everywhere, for our customers. Albert
Heijn understands that value for money is more important than ever. The brand makes it
easier and more personal to eat good and healthy food, and always aims for impact. Albert
Heijn is a part of everyday life for its customers. The brand has grown from a simple grocer
to the food tech company it is today: we work with over 100.000 motivated associates in both
the Netherlands and in Belgium, in both stores and online.

Albert Heijn is part of Ahold Delhaize; one of the world’s largest food retail groups. Its family
of great local brands serves 54 million customers each week, both in stores and online, in the
United States, Europe, and Indonesia. Together we work from our head offices in Zaandam
to make our customers’ lives a little bit easier and better, every day.

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