MKB Fonds

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MKB Fonds, founded in 2011, is a leading, independent private equity firm with a long-standing track record in successfully participating in Dutch SME companies. MKB Fonds mainly invests in healthy and mature SME companies in the wholesale and IT services sectors. The MKB Fonds team supports entrepreneurs in realizing phased business succession, professionalizing the company and growth. As of June 2021, MKB Fonds manages five closed funds, financed by the issuance of bonds (MKB Obligaties) and shares (MKB Aandelen) to private investors, with a total fund value of approximately € 75 million. MKB Fonds has completed 60 transactions as of June 2021 and manages 20 participations spread over the five funds. These participations jointly realize a turnover of approximately €300 million in 2020 and provide employment to more than 700 people in the Netherlands and abroad.

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