Below you can find some of the companies that have participated in the Master Career Week over the years, click on one of the logos to find out more about a specific company and visit their website!

NielsenIQ is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide. We provide consumer packaged goods manufacturers/fast-moving consumer goods and retailers with accurate, actionable information and insights and a complete picture of the complex and changing marketplace that companies need to innovate and grow. 

Our approach marries proprietary NielsenIQ data with other data sources to help clients around the world understand what’s happening now, what’s happening next, and how to best act on this knowledge.  We like to be in the middle of the action. That’s why you can find us at work in over 90 countries, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit

Our NielsenIQ offers our customers the most complete picture of what consumers are buying within the FMCG industry. With the help of NielsenIQ, our customers make strategic decisions that lead to growth and profit. For our analytical team we are looking for people with:

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Approachable and Friendly

  • Curious by Nature

  • Star communicator

  • Interest in FMCG Products

Apart from permanent roles, NielsenIQ also works with interns on a structural basis.

Franz-Dirk Scheltus, Analytical Consultant, on working at NielsenIQ:

Why NielsenIQ?

"In a rapidly changing market environment, data is becoming more and more important to make strategic decision and stay ahead of competition. As a marketer and sales professional I am keen to know what is driving sales and volume in the market. Since NielsenIQ is the #1 measurement and data analytics company for FMCG, it was clear to me to join them and help other companies to get the best out of the available market data."

What do I love about my job?

"In my daily work, I am a consultant for different big FMCG clients. I help them with complex in-depth analysis on their categories and provide them with insights on their category, brands and competitors. Since clients have little time to do research, my role is to contribute on strategic, marketing or sales related topics."

Why is NielsenIQ a great place to work?

"Within NielsenIQ there is an open and friendly culture with a lot of diversity. Most of my colleagues are young professionals with different types of nationalities and different background experiences. Some joined NielsenIQ straight after their studies, others joined from FMCG clients. Although everybody is working hard, there is a relaxed and fun culture where people are willing to help you out. Even during de Covid lockdown period you see that colleagues kept connected. Which is really great in these times."

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