Hogenhouck m&a

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 The world is undergoing a process of digitalisation and globalisation, and it’s moving rapidly. How do you stay relevant as a business? That is a serious challenge. Acquiring a company or selling your own can quickly change the outlook; for your company to continue to expand or for you to change direction. Hogenhouck advises entrepreneurs at this pivotal moment in their business careers.


Track record in mergers and acquisitions

Hogenhouck has been dealing in mergers and acquisitions for quite a while. We have built up a strong portfolio over the years. We have managed over 200 mergers and company takeovers since 2007, many valued between 5 and 150 million euros. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs with technology-driven companies in industries such as IT, wholesale, consultancy, food, and lifestyle. We are proud of our track record and in particular of the wealth of experience we have built up.

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