Capgemini Invent

Capgemini Invent
Capgemini Invent is the newest branch of the Capgemini Group. Capgemini Invent is a global business line specializing in management consulting, digital innovation and transformation. Our multidisciplinary team helps business leaders find new sources of value creation for their business. We accelerate the transformation of ideas into prototypes and scalable, practical solutions, resulting in a coordinated approach to transformation that enables companies to create products, services, customer experiences and business models of the future.

Our competences:
Capgemini Invent combines the strategic, technological and creative competencies with our knowledge in the field of data and deep-rooted sector expertise to help organizations with the transformation of ideas into prototypes and scalable practical solutions in the form of new products, services and business models. To achieve this, our new global business line has six integrated competencies:

  • Innovation and Strategy: to get an idea of ​​changes within the organization and to devise, design and develop future products, services and business models.
  • Customer engagement: to help companies value each customer interaction; so that they improve customer relations and thus stimulate business transformation.
  • Future of Technology: to use the possibilities of emerging technologies together with our customers by creating tailor-made solutions for every type of business and sector.
  • Insight Driven Enterprise: uses advanced data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) I and automation technologies to achieve a financial edge and enable strategic and real-time business decisions.
  • Operations Transformation: helps to create smart activities by re-inventing supply chain, asset management and operational processes to ultimately increase productivity and shorten time-to-market.
  • People and Organization: to support companies in their successful transformation and to prepare for the future by creating culture, staffing and skills necessary for business success in the digital a

 What is working at Capgemini Invent like?

"My name is Paul Kemper and have been working for Capgemini Invent since October 2018.  I was a student in Eindhoven, where I studied Biomedical Engineering with a focus in fluid dynamics and image analysis.  Because I believed I enjoyed research, I decided to pursue a PhD in New York.

However, I disliked the long-term and lonely nature of a PhD and wanted to do more fast-paced and collaborative work. Capgemini Invent was attractive for me because it combined quantitative work, with diverse short-term projects in a collaborative environment.

At Capgemini Invent, I have worked on projects as diverse from 1) performing informative and regulatory market scans for C-level executives, 2) large public project in which they analyse healthcare costs used to determine national tariffs and 3) as quantitative analyst for a large bank.

Capgemini is a company with a lot of opportunities for growth and distinguishes itself by having a friendly, collaborative and international atmosphere. Every new joiner will have an approximately 2-month introduction period together with German, Swiss and Austrian colleagues during which you fly to various international offices (for example Berlin) and learn all the basic skills needed to do your job at a real client.

I am still happy I joined, and if you want to explore a diverse range of topics while utilizing your quantitative background Capgemini Invent could very well be a great match. I hope to see you soon!"


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