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Theoretical knowledge is nice and all, but how does investing work in the real world? How do you look for new investment opportunities and what is it like to work on the projects that follow from it? For investment managers and analysts at Holland Capital this is daily business. They evaluate investment possibilities, negotiate dealterms and support the acquired companies in in realising their goals.

Holland Capital was founded in 1981 and is one of the oldest private equity firms in the Netherlands. Since then we have made over 130 investments, mainly focused on high-growth Dutch companies operating in Healthcare and Technology. Don’t expect an old-fashioned, traditional culture however, our close-knit team consists of 12 young, entrepreneurial and proactive professionals who work hard, but also organise fun activities on a regular basis. For instance, we always close the week with a drink at our local bar DOK and we have a personal trainer that makes us work hard in the gym twice a week!

Are you ambitious and curious and do you want to get a sneak preview in Venture Capital and Private Equity? Then join the Finance Bootcamp with Holland Capital!

Why did you decide to work at Holland Capital?

"After studying Financial Economics and Entrepreneurial Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, I did internships at a law firm and at an investment firm. During these internships I noticed that I enjoyed working in a close-knit, young team where every member gets a lot of responsibility. Holland Capital turned out to be perfect for me: from the first day with the firm you are a full member of the deal team, where you experience the entire process of a deal from the initial contact with the company until the ultimate closing of the deal. During this process you work closely together with the rest of your team, which consists of both relatively young professionals and experienced partners. This cooperation is very insightful and fun, and allows you to develop yourself in a high pace.

Holland Capital focuses on two sectors: healthcare and technology. Because our teams only work in these two areas, there is a lot of in-house knowledge to learn from. What I like most about the technology sector, my area of specialization, is that this sector is constantly developing. As a technology investor you are constantly working with the newest inventions, which are usually created by young entrepreneurs who are easy to get in touch with.

Outside of work we are very active in sports at Holland Capital. As a team we go to the gym to work out on a weekly basis, and a lot of colleagues have become part of our newly formed cycling group. This is not only fun to do with your co-workers, but also good because we stay fit. At the end of every week we have a drink at the waterside at our office. Maybe we will meet each other there soon!"

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