Maritime & Transport Business Solutions – MTBS is an international finance and strategy advisory firm, offering entrepreneurial business solutions to clients in the maritime and transport sector. MTBS specializes in ports and terminals, and provides leading expertise and advice in the areas of strategy, valuation, transactions, finance and M&A. The firm combines its market sector knowledge and state-of-the-art financial competences into one value proposition: “4P: innovative solutions for Port Public Private Partnerships”.

As a niche consultancy firm, MTBS specializes in the sector that it knows so well, rather than providing generic services across industries. The chief purpose of MTBS is to enable Clients to identify, implement and protect value-creating investment and divestment opportunities. This specialization has made MTBS a global market leader in ports and terminals across the world.

MTBS is based in Rotterdam, Europe’s main maritime gateway and one of the world’s largest ports. The firm is headquartered in the Witte Huis, a city monument in the famous Oude Haven are of the city. MTBS is proud to call this historical building its ‘Home Port’.

Working at MTBS

MTBS leans on its vibrant and youthful setup to grow, impress Clients and to deliver the most creative and high quality solutions. The Analyst/Consultant pool consists of 15-20 talented individuals (starting from University graduates) who get real responsibilities from day one. This includes site visits to ports across the world, preparing and delivering presentations to our Clients and building financial models, to name a few. Equally important is our working culture. We prioritise team development. This includes interactive knowledge building sessions, a yearly ski trip and other professional activities. MTBS also stimulates you to develop yourself as an individual through external courses, ranging from in-depth finance courses to language courses.

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Why did you join MTBS?

Bernice Holtrop, Consultant:

"I joined MTBS after completing my Master’s in Business Information Management and Supply Chain Management at Erasmus. As a consultant at MTBS, you work on assignments in the maritime transport sector. Our global clientele ranges vary from port authorities and commercial / development banks to corporates. For my first assignment, I conducted a feasibility study for a new container terminal in the port of Valencia, where I carried out a port benchmarking study, specfically focusing on new technologies in the industry.

The MTBS team consists of approximately 30 employees. As a result of the relatively small team, the level of responsibility given to analysts (i.e. graduates) and consultants is high from the beginning. Over the two years that I have been working at MTBS, I have enjoyed working on many projects: a tariff benchmark study in southern Africa, a site analysis for a deep-water port in Guyana and a financial feasibility study for the port of Bangkok. All projects required different (quantitative) assessments with a strategic and financial focus.

If you are interested in specializing in the maritime sector, working around the world and enjoying working in an ambitious young team, you should definitely meet us!"

Sander van Kersbergen, Analyst:

"After my graduation at the Erasmus University (MSc Urban Port and Transport Economics and LL.M. Commercial Law), I joined MTBS for the opportunity to work with a group of young and ambitious people. It was during my studies that I developed a special interest in the maritime sector. At MTBS, I got the opportunity to offer financial and strategic advice to a broad portfolio of international clients. I enjoy working in an international environment. Even as Analyst, you will travel to visit clients. It was already in my second week that I went to Myanmar. I think these experiences abroad are valuable lessons at the beginning of your career.

What makes working at MTBS unique is the responsibility that you are entrusted with from your first day onwards. Under the supervision of experienced colleagues, you are responsible for your own tasks within a project. Personally, it felt good to immediately contribute to a project’s end-result and to see that my work was shared with the client. Although the responsibility might be a bit challenging to handle in the beginning, it makes your learning curve very steep. MTBS also actively stimulates my personal development. The company offers various possibilities to develop myself, such as the inhouse company academy as well as external courses and studies."

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