Data at Rijkswaterstaat

Data is becoming increasingly important within Rijkswaterstaat. As our organisation becomes data-driven, our demand for good data scientists keeps growing. We are looking for you to use big amounts of data to come up with meaningful insights, in order to optimally design our infrastructure projects. You can also work in our datalab, where you can work with innovative new applications.

Data is leading

There is a lot data available, both within and outside of Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat is ambitious to make full use of this data. It is our leading source in the way we work and the course of our organization. By using data in a smart and effective way we can increase our quality and speed, lower costs and increase our value in the process.

Datalab: from insights to practice

Inside our Datalab you get the opportunity to work with new applications and innovations. Together with a team of specialists you make sure that data is used optimally to develop innovative solutions that directly improve our business.

Jeroen Paalman, Technical Specialist, on working at Rijkswaterstaat

Jeroen is a Technical Specialist at Rijkswaterstaat. Together with his team he monitors and develops two platforms: a cloud platform and a big data platform. The cloud platform supports developers: they can log on to a self-service portal, upload their app source code and put the services they need in their ‘shopping cart’. These services include access to a database or a connection to Sharepoint. This way they do not have to worry where their applications end up.


The big data platform stores all data that Rijkswaterstaat collects, such as sensordata about waterlevels. Our data scientists can then use this data to conduct analyses. When a team wants access to this data, they can easily request it through our portal. All access rights are automatically requested, which saves a lot of work otherwise done by hand.

Proof of Concept

Thanks to the increasing automation we have more time to spend on fun projects. Our colleagues’ work can always become more efficient. We are always looking for innovative techniques we can use to make their work easier. The fun part about working at Rijkswaterstaat is that there is always room to experiment. We can quickly set up a Proof of Concept and investigate whether a product or service is viable and whether or not it solves a problem.

Pizza sessions

My team consists of diehard programmers and linux-specialists, but also includes people working in infra, like me. We all have our area of expertise. We learn from each other, for instance during pizza sessions. During such an evening one person gives a presentation, after which we all start working on our PC. Right now we are crunching big data. Furthermore we also regularly give workshops and demos to colleagues, for instance on the cloud. This way we not only want to help them practically with ICT, but also inspire them.

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