Accuracy is a wholly independent international player in its field of expertise providing advice to company management and shareholders. We provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to our clients to assist them with their strategic or critical decisions, notably in the following situations: Transactions & Investments, Disputes & Crises, Corporate Strategy & Finance, and Business Performance.

Our strength is to connect strategy, facts and figures. Our teams are international and multicultural and speak over 33 languages, combining various skills to provide bespoke services to our clients.

With over 400 consultants, we recruit only from the best. We are present in 14 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We lead engagements all over the world through our One Partnership structure.

Our clients are well known and include listed international corporations, investment banks and funds, law firms and family-owned groups such as DSM, Gilde Equity Management, BAM, Philips and others. In order to provide bespoke solutions to our clients, we place great importance on constantly inventing and reinventing our services, understanding that no one solution is the same for each client.

At Accuracy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our consultants. Working in a rigorous and demanding environment, certain qualities, such as strong analytical skills, great interpersonal skills and a learning mindset, are expected of you.

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Tim Enthoven, Associate, on why he chose Accuracy:

During my Financial Economics master’s degree at Erasmus University, I felt that I had gained the theoretical knowledge I needed to start my professional career, but lacked the practical experience to decide in which field I wanted to start. This led me to look for an internship that would give me the opportunity to apply finance outside of the academic world. Consulting interested me and still does, since it requires constant adaptation. Accuracy became a top choice after a classmate told me about his positive experience during his recent internship. Since then, I have been able to discover even more of the qualities that I appreciate here at Accuracy.

The international character of Accuracy is something that really speaks to me. Over the past 2.5 years, I have worked in several Accuracy offices where I met colleagues from all over the world, resulting in a number of friendships. Multiple social events are organised throughout the year where all colleagues worldwide meet to share experiences and create new memories.

Accuracy’s strong focus on personal growth and development is another quality that I appreciate. Each Accuracy employee (or Accuracian) is free to implement a plan tailored to his or her specific needs. The following initiatives are just some examples of what is available to help you grow as a consultant: internal training (on both technical and soft skills), a personal budget for external training, and frequent sit-downs with your mentor to discuss progress, international externships, evaluations after each project, and official reviews twice a year.

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