On this page we will keep you up-to-date on the most recent developments of COVID-19 and the implications this has for the EFR Master Career Week.

We, the EFR Master Career Week committee, are always striving to provide students with the best possible event. Given the current circumstances, we are working on different scenario's in which the EFR Master Career Week can still take place, whilst conforming with the regulations set by the government. This way, we are prepared for both the best possible as well as the worst possible scenario, providing students with an unforgettable event regardless of the circumstances!

As the circumstances make it very difficult for students to get into contact with companies due to the lack of events and such, the MCW committee will still do everything to get you into contact with interesting companies and maybe help you find your future employer. Therefore, our bootcamps will be a mixture of the following options to ensure you get the opportunity to get the best out of our event!


In this scenario, the MCW will take place similarly to last year's edition. You will be visiting companies at one of their locations where you'll be doing various activities, as have been described in the "about" section on our website. Regulations might force us to divide the group or follow rules set by the host company.

External location:

In this scenario, the MCW will take place at an off-campus location where each of the participating companies will present itself in their own part of the building, providing similar activities as the in-house scenario. Again, regulations might force the group to be split up or follow rules set by each of the hosting companies.


As COVID-19 forces companies to impose strict regulations on visitors, several of our company visits will take place online as to still give you the opportunity to get into contact with these companies. We will be using the "Hopin" event platform to host our bootcamps, where we will be making sure to give you an amazing online experience with all the best the EFR Master Career Week has to offer.


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