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About the Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR)

The Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) is the official study association that is directly connected to Erasmus School of Economics. With over 7,000 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. From academic events to recruitment occasions and social gatherings; we bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Professionality is one of our core values, which can be seen in the events and the degree of service to our partners. Combining that with a tight connection with Rotterdam's ambitious Economics & Business students, makes EFR an ideal organisation to collaborate with. We can bring you in contact with our students, promote vacancies and much more!

About the EFR Master Career Week

The EFR Master Career Week is a rapidly growing recruitment event specifically designed to match our most ambitious students to their future employers. In collaboration with Erasmus School of Economics, specific branch bootcamps are organised in connection to the various masters. There will be multiple-day branch bootcamps for almost every Erasmus School of Economics master, where students get the opportunity to visit several companies in their field of interest.

During a branch bootcamp, companies get the chance to welcome students inside their company. This allows companies to distinguish themselves from the other companies in their branch with respect to company values and culture. These branch bootcamps are a great opportunity for companies to attract top tier master students that are looking for the next step, being an internship or a full-time job. Hopefully, after these branch bootcamps students are convinced that it is your company they are looking for to start the next chapter in their lives!

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