FMCG Bootcamp

During the FMCG bootcamp we will be showcasing the different aspects this big sector has to offer. Reaching consumers nationally & globally, many of their products are used by millions of people on a daily basis. This bootcamp will take you inside the FMCG value chain to show how they create, supply and manage these valuable brands. These companies are looking for ambitious students that can help them sustain their strong brand identities and find new opportunities in the market. With established corporations such as Proter & Gamble , Bakker Barendrecht , L’Oréal and a fast-growing e-commerce giant like Ochama, students can gain valuable insights into this dynamic FMCG sector.

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Participating companies 



  • General information

    07-12-2023 - 8-12-2023 

    2 days

    Participation is free

  • Schedule

    December 7th: 

    Morning: Procter & Gamble
    Afternoon: Ochama

    December 8th: 

    Morning: Bakker Barendrecht
    Afternoon: L'Oréal

  • Requirements

    Master only

    Penalty policy applies

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