Bain & Company

Below you can find the companies that are partcipating in the EFR Master Career Week 2023, click on one of the logos to find out more about a specific company and visit their website!


Bain & Company is a top strategy consulting firm with a passion for achieving measurable results. We assist CEOs and top executives in making decisions on complex strategic issues. Our solutions are concrete and have a direct impact on the company's value: our clients don't seek advice; they aim to achieve results. We have an informal, direct, and honest approach with each other and our clients. We are open to everyone and do not adhere to a hierarchical structure. We provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and personal development. Intensive coaching and the best training programs in our industry help you achieve your goals. The culture is characterized by a pragmatic approach and entrepreneurship. Bain consultants are energetic and are willing to go the extra mile to get things done, both at work and beyond. Early in your career, you will have a lot of individual responsibility, meaning you are involved with clients from day one.

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