Below you can find the companies that are partcipating in the EFR Master Career Week 2023, click on one of the logos to find out more about a specific company and visit their website!

Uniper has a strong portfolio of assets, locations, and competencies. They’re essential for today’s energy system and will remain essential for tomorrow’s. Our people’s expertise gives us a high energy IQ.

After successfully overcoming last year’s crisis, our 2023 earnings are strong, and our financial position is rock solid. We can again focus fully on making our contribution to the success of the energy transition. In just a few months we’ve come a long way. The time is now ripe for a restart. We have developed a new strategy. It demonstrates how Uniper’s heritage, assets, and skills enable us to play a decisive role in accelerating Europe’s decarbonization journey, while ensuring a reliable energy supply along the way. It will also enable us to work toward a stand-alone investment-grade rating and our return to the capital market. Furthermore our strategy will underline our attractiveness as an employer.

Our role is essential to the vitality of the energy system, and we want to put an even greater focus on expanding and developing our core competencies — power, gas, and optimization — for our customers. We want Uniper to become a greener company even faster. This is why we intend to invest more than €8 billion in growth and transformation between 2023 and 2030. This is more than three times the average annual growth investment of the last three years. It’s important to us to create value with these investments and to seize the opportunities of emerging markets like hydrogen. This will enable us to offer our customers more green products and tailored solutions to help them reduce their carbon footprint. In sum, we’ll help accelerate the energy transition while ensuring security of supply.

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