Below you can find the companies that are partcipating in the EFR Master Career Week 2023, click on one of the logos to find out more about a specific company and visit their website!

Who are we?
PGGM is one of the largest asset managers and pension fund service providers in the world. We
provide services in the field of integral asset management, pension management, communications,
and executive advice to a range of pension funds, affiliated employers and their employees.
Currently, we manage pension assets worth in excess of €226 billion for a range of clients and their
4,4 million participants.

The desire that we share with our clients is for their participants to enjoy a good pension in a
sustainable, liveable world. This is why we want to achieve good returns with our investments and at
the same time have an impact on creating a sustainable world. As true professionals in the pension
sector, with deep roots in the healthcare sector, and as a cooperative financial institution with no
profit motive, we look towards the future with an open and broad vision.

Working at PGGM
Working at PGGM means working at an highly professional and leading company. We offer a
professional working environment with many opportunities to develop yourself. High ambition and a
great capacity for innovation are distinctive for PGGM. Teamwork, sharing knowledge and
independence are highly valued. PGGM values an open and honest culture with respect for people
and environment and offer you work that matters.

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